Navigating the ever-changing landscape of senior care, the trickle-down effect…

Rod Anderson-Executive Director, Bridges Senior Lifestyle Living

A lot has changed in the healthcare system in the last few years especially in the area of senior care. Insurance companies and Medicare have been reducing the number of days they will pay for hospital stays, sending more people to skilled rehab units in nursing homes to recover. As nursing homes have converted more and more space and attention to skilled rehab, more people have looked to assisted living facilities for their long term care needs. Assisted living costs have been rising with demand leaving people looking for a more economical senior housing solution. Independent Senior Living combined with assistance from a Home Health Agency is increasingly the answer to their problems.

Independent Senior Living Communities provide a wide array of services and amenities in a less restrictive environment than assisted living facilities or nursing homes. These services include, restaurant quality meals, a wide variety of transportation options, housekeeping with laundry services, and enough activities and events to keep a senior as active as they want to be. Amenities often include swimming pools, fitness rooms with classes, garden areas, pool tables, libraries, computer centers and more, all centrally located in a safe, secure setting. A Home Health Agency can be employed for services like help with dressing, bathing, med-management and other services tailored to your exact needs. The combination of Independent Living and Home Health can give you the best of both worlds for less money than an assisted living facility in a lot of cases, leaving you in complete control of how much or how little help you need. You choose the services and amenities you want to meet your schedule and maintain a more independent lifestyle.

Combining the services of an Independent Senior Living Community and a Home Health Agency may not be the right choice for everyone but this type of combination is generating positive outcomes for a large number of seniors who desire to safely maintain a certain level of independence while managing the ever rising costs of senior care. Do yourself or your loved one a favor and check into Independent Senior Living combined with Home Health as a possible alternative to an assisted living facility, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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